🔗 Want to try Warp? We just enabled the beta for you

Thinking about setting up a Raspberry Pi to run this site after reading this post.

Warp allows you to expose a locally running web server to the internet without having to open up ports in the firewall or even needing a public IP address.

— Read on blog.cloudflare.com/get-started-with-warp/

Pre-ordered App: The Human Story today, can’t wait to watch it later this month.

Unused photo from last weeks micro.blog photo challenge

View of Miller Parks Band Stand in Preston

🔗 From Cats With Love: Welcome The New Smashing Membership

Easy decision to sign-up to the new Smashing Magazine membership.

Today is the day when everything changes. Meet Smashing Membership, a community effort dedicated to support and highlight new and old voices of the community side by side. And you can be a part of it.

— Read on smashingmagazine.com/2017/11/from-cats-with-love-welcome-the-new-smashing-membership/

Rainy night at Preston Docks

View over Preston Docks at night

🔗 An associative trail

Jeremy Keith writing about the memex and its connection to todays World Wide Web:

And now I’m using the World Wide Web, a hypermedia system that takes in the whole planet, to create an associative trail. In this post, I’m linking (without asking anyone for permission) to six different sources, and in doing so, I’m creating a unique associative trail. And because this post has a URL (that won’t change), you are free to take it and make it part of your own associative trail on your digital memex.

— Read on adactio.com/journal/13121

I’ve been considering switching the site over to WordPress for the last week. As the site is running on Craft 3 which is still in beta, the plugin selection is limited for the time being. Hopefully in the new year it will have everything I need.

micro.blog Photo Challenge: Day 7 (Fri): “Shadow” — Self-portrait

Shadow Self-portrait

micro.blog Photo Challenge: Day 6 (Thu): “Seasonal” — Miller Park

View over Miller Park, Preston in the autumn

micro.blog Photo Challenge: Day 5 (Wed): “Liquid” — Preston Docks

Preston Docks Control Centre in the background, with the building reflected in the water of Preston Docks


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