micro.blog Photo Challenge: Day 4 (Tue): “Up Close” — Heineken

Close up picture of a Heineken pint glass half full

micro.blog Photo Challenge: Day 3 (Mon): “On the Move” — Live Photo Long Exposure

Blurry lights produced by a long exposure by motorway lights

micro.blog Photo Challenge: Day 2 (Sun): “Tasty” — Black Mesa Research Facility Coffee

Black Mesa Research Facility coffee cup on a black desk next to a MacBook Pro

micro.blog Photo Challenge: Day 1 (Sat): “Squares” — Fighting EP Launch Party

Fighting EP vinyl on a wooden table

The site now has an RSS feed, so these posts will be showing up on micro.blog if you have an account. Progress has been slow so far but with more free time next week I hope to get the site to a 1.0 state.

Just setting up CraftCMS to use as a microblog with micro.blog


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