🔗 On coming to terms with my lack of formal education

Rachel Andrew writing for the The Pastry Box Project:

Formal education gives you words and technical understanding, it helps you interact with other people on a level where you can all assume you have the same starting point. It isn’t everything, and perhaps my hard-won knowledge, learned from trying and failing and figuring things out alone is my greatest strength.

— Read on the-pastry-box-project.net/rachel-andrew/2018-april-4

🔗 The Story of WordPress – The History of the Web

The Story of WordPress – The History of the Web

It was January of 2003, and 19 year old blogger and amateur programmer Matt Mullenweg was distraught. In a post on his blog titled The Blogging Software Dilemma, Mullenweg wrote:

My logging software hasn’t been updated for months, and the main developer has disappeared, and I can only hope that he’s okay.

Mullenweg’s “logging software” was called b2. It was created in 2001 by developer Michel Valdrighi. At the time, Valdrighi was still pretty new to programming. But the web was full of bright-eyed new programmers looking to hack together solutions for themselves. So he created b2 as an alternative to other popular blogging platforms like Movable Type and Greymatter.

— Read on thehistoryoftheweb.com/the-story-of-wordpress/

🔗 Use a .dev domain? Not anymore.

Great post by Daryl Koopersmith over at Medium about the history of the internet and domain names.

Before the internet, before domain names, and before I was born, there was the ARPANET — the little network that could. What started as a network that bridged four research centers in the western United States became the foundations of the internet we know today.

The ARPANET connected computers called hosts together using giant, wired routers called Interface Message Processors (IMPs). These routers served as the nodes of the network, and allowed the research centers to communicate with one another.

— Read on medium.engineering/use-a-dev-domain-not-anymore-95219778e6fd

🔗 Small b blogging

Tom Critchlow:

Small b blogging is learning to write and think with the network. Small b blogging is writing content designed for small deliberate audiences and showing it to them. Small b blogging is deliberately chasing interesting ideas over pageviews and scale.

— Read on tomcritchlow.com/2018/02/23/small-b-blogging/

🔗 (Social) share, but with care

Om Malik:

Every time you share a link, or a piece of news, you are actually telling people to look at it. You are asking them to spend their biggest resource — attention (and time) — on what you are sharing.

— Read on om.co/2018/01/27/social-share-but-with-care/

🔗 Take the Power Back

Oliver Reichenstein at ia.net

The answer to the passive consumption of trash is the active formulation of questions, the active search for answers and the active work of putting complex knowledge and diffuse feelings into clear words. Unlike getting fed from those feeds, searching, researching, reflecting, and concise writing has the power to clear the mind. We need to write on our own domains. Don’t post thoughts on Facebook. Use it to get traffic. Drop Medium for blogging. Own your writing. Use Twitter carefully. And on your domain, send people to other domains you like, outside the usual black holes, if possible.

— Read on ia.net/topics/take-the-power-back/

🔗 Web Trends Map 2018

So happy to see Oliver Reichenstein posting over at ia.net again.

There seems to be a weak undercurrent of old and young bloggers like us that feel sentimental or curious and want to bring back blogging. Blogging won’t save the world. But, hell, after two weeks now, we can confirm: it feels great to be back on the blogging line.

— Read on ia.net/topics/web-trend-map-2018/

🔗 Want to try Warp? We just enabled the beta for you

Thinking about setting up a Raspberry Pi to run this site after reading this post.

Warp allows you to expose a locally running web server to the internet without having to open up ports in the firewall or even needing a public IP address.

— Read on blog.cloudflare.com/get-started-with-warp/

🔗 From Cats With Love: Welcome The New Smashing Membership

Easy decision to sign-up to the new Smashing Magazine membership.

Today is the day when everything changes. Meet Smashing Membership, a community effort dedicated to support and highlight new and old voices of the community side by side. And you can be a part of it.

— Read on smashingmagazine.com/2017/11/from-cats-with-love-welcome-the-new-smashing-membership/

🔗 An associative trail

Jeremy Keith writing about the memex and its connection to todays World Wide Web:

And now I’m using the World Wide Web, a hypermedia system that takes in the whole planet, to create an associative trail. In this post, I’m linking (without asking anyone for permission) to six different sources, and in doing so, I’m creating a unique associative trail. And because this post has a URL (that won’t change), you are free to take it and make it part of your own associative trail on your digital memex.

— Read on adactio.com/journal/13121


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