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Posts Photo Challenge: Day 6 (Thu): “Seasonal” — Miller Park

View over Miller Park, Preston in the autumn Photo Challenge: Day 5 (Wed): “Liquid” — Preston Docks

Preston Docks Control Centre in the background, with the building reflected in the water of Preston Docks Photo Challenge: Day 4 (Tue): “Up Close” — Heineken

Close up picture of a Heineken pint glass half full Photo Challenge: Day 3 (Mon): “On the Move” — Live Photo Long Exposure

Blurry lights produced by a long exposure by motorway lights Photo Challenge: Day 2 (Sun): “Tasty” — Black Mesa Research Facility Coffee

Black Mesa Research Facility coffee cup on a black desk next to a MacBook Pro Photo Challenge: Day 1 (Sat): “Squares” — Fighting EP Launch Party

Fighting EP vinyl on a wooden table


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