Take the Power Back

Oliver Reichenstein at ia.net

The answer to the passive consumption of trash is the active formulation of questions, the active search for answers and the active work of putting complex knowledge and diffuse feelings into clear words. Unlike getting fed from those feeds, searching, researching, reflecting, and concise writing has the power to clear the mind. We need to write on our own domains. Don’t post thoughts on Facebook. Use it to get traffic. Drop Medium for blogging. Own your writing. Use Twitter carefully. And on your domain, send people to other domains you like, outside the usual black holes, if possible.

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Oops! Broke the RSS feed and images moving from Craft to WordPress. Had to delete all the post from micro.blog and add the feed again.

Web Trends Map 2018

So happy to see Oliver Reichenstein posting over at ia.net again.

There seems to be a weak undercurrent of old and young bloggers like us that feel sentimental or curious and want to bring back blogging. Blogging won’t save the world. But, hell, after two weeks now, we can confirm: it feels great to be back on the blogging line.

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Goodreads 2018 Reading Challenge

I signed up to Goodreads at the end of 2017 in the hope of finding interesting books to read. 2018 is the year to cut down on my social media usage. Instead of two hours of Twitter with low quality content, I want to read two hours of high quality content.

My aim for the end of 2018 is a modest 12 books, 1 per month, which doesn’t sound like a lot but its a big jump from the one or two I was reading a year.

To start off the year I’m going to read Accessibility For Everyone by Laura Kalbag.

2018 is the return of the personal blog. #newwwyear is a hashtag started by Jen Simmons with people redesigning their blogs or even starting one, like myself.

For now I’ve removed all the CSS and just have a loop to display posts. Day by day I’m going to build it back up.