Error Discovering XML-RPC Endpoint

Hallelujah 🙏

Found a solution to my problems with and Sunlit apps not discovering my XML-RPC endpoint.

All connections to the xmlrpc.php file were being blocked. I read a few posts when trying to find a solution that the xmlrpc.php file is a big target for brute force attacks on websites. So maybe my host had pushed out an update to block access to any xmlrpc.php files.

To fix this problem, I added the following code to my .htacces file and now everything connects without problem.

<FilesMatch "xmlrpc\.php$">
Allow from all

It would be nice if I could ‘Allow from’ and Sunlit instead of ‘All’ but this is something I can tweak at a future date.

Right now I’m just happy everything is working again correctly.

Not sure what caused it but and Sunlit both complained that XML-RPC couldn’t be found yesterday. Re-installed a fresh copy of WordPress and it still wouldn’t work. Now everything seems fine without me changing a thing 🤷‍♂️

Still having problems. Signed out of Sunlit on my iPhone just test I could sign back in and I’m getting the same XML-RPC error. for iOS is still working, so I’m not signing out until I can figure out the problem.

Oops! Broke the RSS feed and images moving from Craft to WordPress. Had to delete all the post from and add the feed again. Photo Challenge: Day 7 (Fri): “Shadow” — Self-portrait

Shadow Self-portrait Photo Challenge: Day 6 (Thu): “Seasonal” — Miller Park

View over Miller Park, Preston in the autumn Photo Challenge: Day 5 (Wed): “Liquid” — Preston Docks

Preston Docks Control Centre in the background, with the building reflected in the water of Preston Docks Photo Challenge: Day 4 (Tue): “Up Close” — Heineken

Close up picture of a Heineken pint glass half full Photo Challenge: Day 3 (Mon): “On the Move” — Live Photo Long Exposure

Blurry lights produced by a long exposure by motorway lights Photo Challenge: Day 2 (Sun): “Tasty” — Black Mesa Research Facility Coffee

Black Mesa Research Facility coffee cup on a black desk next to a MacBook Pro


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